So you've decided to switch to solar energy? Fantastic! You will be reaping the benefits of solar energy in no time. We here at Supplying Electrical Services are here to help. We can provide you with advice on which system would best suit your home or business needs.

Inverter Systems

Inverters are what convert DC power, harness from the solar panels into AC power. This conversion means you can either sell the power back to the grid, or use it in your home to power your appliances.


Kaco are one of the industry leaders in manufacturing inverter systems. Their products meet Australian regulations and are ready for both indoor and outdoor use, grid connect, hybrid and off-grid applications.

Kaco Powador Single Phase 3.2 - 6.6kW Inverter

Kaco Powador Single Phase 7.7 - 9.6kW Inverter

Kaco Powador 3-Phase 6 - 10kW Inverter

Kaco Powador 3-Phase 12 - 20kW Inverter


SMA manufacture a large number of inverters suitable for every situation including small simple applications as well as high performance applications

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Good quality made inverter. Capable of wireless monitoring, multi string for tracking different orientations.

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Growatt Inverters PDF

Hanover Panels

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Jinko Panels

Jinko Company Profile

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Hybrid / Offgrid Systems

Hybrid and offgrid systems are perfect if you live in a remote area or cannot rely on a steady stream or want to store your solar energy rather than paying for electricity at night.  Take control of your power bill don't be at the mercy of your electricity retailer.

Battery Enclosure

Vented battery space, made to be easily upgradeable as your energy storage needs increase.


Charge controller

The brains of a offgrid, hybrid, mobile or marine operation. Automatically controls charging, discharging of batteries during day and night.

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Growwatt SP 2000

Battery storage

Promotion Storage system

Growwatt SP 2000

Microinverter Systems

Microinvertes are typically attached to each solar panel. Doing this means that if one solar panel is performing poorly, the power generated from the other panels is still being collected and converted from DC electricity to AC electricity. In addition they can remove the need for lengthy DC cables running through your home or office.


Is a solar array monitor, so you can always know how much power you're making and the health of every panel.

APS Inverter

Converts DC power to AC.

Air Conditioners

Air conditioning is a necessity in a hot climate like Australia's so why not use solar energy to keep your home or workplace cool! There are several options when it comes to choosing a good solar powered air conditioning system.

Solar Air

Same principle as a split system air conditioner but dedicated solar panels to the air conditioner, to reduce energy consumption.


Solar AC Document


Split System

A split system is a refrigerated gas unit with an indoor and outdoor unit connected by copper piping and cables.


Good lighting can enhance your home and improve your mood. In a workplace, good lighting can also help to boost productivity. Solar systems can be used to lower your reliance on your electricity supplier when choosing more extravagant lighting schemes. We have experience installing LED down lights and High base systems.

LED Downlights

LED downlights can be used to enhance almost any room for example, in bathrooms, display cabinets, kitchens and even outdoors and save you upto 80% on your lighting bill. We offer a number of fire rated LED downlight systems to suit all decors and tastes and can be installed with an optional dimming feature.

LED High Bay

High bay LED's are best suited for industrial purposes and can save up to 80% of your lighting bill. While providing you with a well lit room.